Starting down a new path – Drupal and the church

So, I’m in the middle of doing an essay I really don’t want to do. We’ll see if this is just procrastination talking but I’m starting to feel like doing a Masters is not what I want to be doing. I want get started on the real stuff I always planned to do after the masters, a year earlier.

I really feel there is a gap for good church website building software that is opensource that could compete with the propriety software such as City and churchinsight. I think that software like that is fine and certainly morally defensible from a Christian standpoint. However, Open Source software and the community around drupal is just so much cooler and imo so much powerful in a community like the church.

Once this essay is in I’ll start blogging a bit more with how things are supposed to go.

One thought on “Starting down a new path – Drupal and the church

  1. I think if you integrate Drupal with Alfresco it will have the capabilities that you need after few tweeks.

    I haven’t tried this but will do it soon. Drupal is very powerful for building communities. However good management and good organizations remain the first necessary things – software and technology are only tools.

    God bless you with tha planting of the church 🙂 Be a good servant ot Him.

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