My name is James Abrahams. I studed Physics with Philosophy and then a Masters of Enterprise at Manchester. I am a Christian and have been part of various denominations from baptist to working in an Anglican church. I am currently floating from church to church but at HTB.

I work for a very small organisation called Common Nonsense who have a website that no one should ever visit. We build web sites for various organisations and are currently helping New Wine, WTC, Soul Survivor, Clinks and various other organisations with using, building and managing their technology stuff. I’m particularly into Drupal and carry a little Drupalicon stressball everywhere I go 🙂


I’m also particularly into virtual communities into both the gaming worlds but also everything related to the Web 2.0 phenomenon. My masters involved interviewing people over 65 in the church and looking at their attitude towards social networking and particularly praying online. I love ebooks, but more the technology and the implications they have for society, rather then actually reading them.

I love 4, 64, llamas and rocks with googly eyes.

Masters Project found here.

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